Scientific program, Bucharest 2016

Berlin Conference Room, Floor XIII, Rin Grand Hotel

Friday, September 30-Th., 2016

Registration of participants for Conference, Api-Expo, Workshops and post-congress Api-Tours

15:00-15:30 Opening Ceremony.

Opening speeches from:

15:30-15:50  Short History of Beekeeping and Apitherapy in Romania
Moderator: Cristian CONSTANTINESCU, General Director of Apimondia Foundation

  • Dr. Ing. Harnaj VIACESLAV, fondator al apiculturii moderne româneşti şi internaţionale, promotor al apiterapiei – Gabriela VLĂSCEANU, Iuliana  CRIŞAN (Bucharest)
15:50 – 17:00 Round Table on: « Adulteration of Honey – Causes, Evaluation and Solutions »

  • Moderators: Beekeepers Catalin MAXIM (Iasi) and Marian STOICA (Bucharest), Prof. Muhsin DOGAROGLU (Turkey), Dr. Ing. Adrian SICEANU (Bucharest), Dr. Cristina CIMPEAN (Brasov)
17:00-17:30  Honey-Tee-Coffee break
17:30-18:30  Bee Products Quality, Nutrition and Apitherapy

  • The effect of honey supplementation with dry fruits on the bioactive and nutritional properties of resulted functional foods Elisabeta-Irina GEANĂ, Gabriela Vlăsceanu, Cornelia Doşteţan ABĂLARU, Iuliana Crişan
  • Informational superiority of the beehive products mixture “Apilife” against the used raw ingredients, supported by Sensitive Crystallization – Cristina-Daniela Cîmpean, Cornelia Doşteţean Abălaru, Ştefan Stângaciu

18:30-19:30  Bio-Pharmacological Properties of beehive products (I)

    Moderator: Prof. Univ. Dr. Farm. Viorica ISTUDOR

  • Advances and Standardization of Propolis-Based Drugs – José Maurício SFORCIN (Brazil) (Keynote speaker)
  • Therapy of pain based on natural active compounds – Viorica ISTUDOR (Bucharest)
20:30 – 21:30  Welcome Cocktail

Saturday, October 1-St.

09:00-11:00 Bio-Pharmacological Properties of beehive products (II)

  • Influence of propolis and green tea combination on oxidative stress in exercise Ramona-Niculina JURCĂU, Ioana-Marieta JURCĂU (Cluj-Napoca)
    • Propolis-stress relation retrospective analysis through PubMed publications, over the past 31 yearsRamona-Niculina JURCĂU, Ioana-Marieta JURCĂU (Cluj-Napoca) (poster in Congress CD)
    • Romanian doctors’ opinions about apitherapy and use of bee products in stress Ramona-Niculina JURCĂU, Ioana-Marieta JURCĂU (Cluj-Napoca) (poster in CD-ul cu lucrarile congresului)
  • Concentrated Propolis Tincture with Increased Antioxidant Effect Vasile Staicu, Cristina Luntraru, Viorica TAMAŞ (Bucharest)
  • Studii comparative fitochimice ale tincturii de propolis (30%) și anumitor gemoterapice utilizate în afecțiuni ale aparatului respiratorOrodan Leucian Mihaela (Arad), Dan Cristian Vodnar (Cluj-Napoca), Anca Maria Toiu (Cluj-Napoca), Carmen Elena POP (Cluj-Napoca), Laurian Vlase (Cluj-Napoca), Istudor Viorica (Bucharest)
  • Bee venom and Snake venom. A comparative toxicology – Claudiu MIHAESCU (Bucharest, Romania)
11:00-11:30 Honey-Tee-Coffee break
11:30-13:00 Apitherapy in Human Medicine (I)

  • Treatment of colpo-vaginitis with apiphytotherapeutic remedies Daniela Ileana VASILE (Brasov)
  • “Arsutrat – Plagotrat”, an original Natural Romanian product based on Medicinal Plants and Propolis, for the Treatment of Burns and Wounds: Composition and Clinical effects Andrei ZBUCHEA (Ploiesti), Viorica TAMAS (Bucuresti), Viorica CARABELA (Bucharest)
  • Preliminary Clinical Study of “L-Mesitran” Medicinal Honey Dressings – Andrei ZBUCHEA (Ploiesti)
13:00-14:30 Lunch break
14:30-16:30 Apitherapy in Human Medicine (II)

  • Efficiency of Api-Phytotherapy in patients with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (burnout) Steluţa GEORGESCU MARIUŢAN, Gabriela Vlăsceanu (Bucharest)
  • Case Study – Vertigo and End-stage Kidney Disease Treated with Apitherapy – Cristina PAVEL (Bucharest/Brasov)
  • Apitherapy for the Treatment of Circulatory Diseases. Case Studies – Cristina PAVEL (Bucharest/Brasov)
  • Therapeutic Alternatives in the Treatment and Prevention of Digestive, Respiratory and Skin Diseases – Doina Cojocaru (Caracal)
16:30-17:00 Honey-Tee-Coffee break
17:00-17:15 Bee & Apitherapy Photo Contest
Short practical demonstrations related to Apitherapy and its complementary methods


Sunday morning, October 2-Nd.

09:00-11:00 Apitherapy in Human Medicine (III)

  • Addressing ADHD from apiphytoterapeutic perspective Alina ALEXANDRU, Gabriela VLĂSCEANU, Ştefan MANEA, Lili IVOPOL, Iuliana CRIŞAN, Anamaria ALEXANDRU
  • The favorable evolution in the case of a Lyme disease patient subsequent to integrative treatment (api-phytotherapy, nutritional and quantum therapy) Iulia Violeta VLAD (Bucharest)
  • Parentheral treatment with bee venom – Mariana STAN (Bucharest)
  • Classic (allopathic) and apitherapic treatment of a case with politraumatism – Stefan STANGACIU (Mereni-Contesti, Dambovita county)
11:00-11:30 Honey-Tee-Coffee break
 11:30-12:30 Api-Miscellanea

  • Apiculture and Apitherapy in Turkey – Muhsin Dogaroglu(Turkey)
  • Use of beehive products in traditional cosmetics – Neli Pfeiffer (Romania)
12:30-12:50 Round Table on: „Medicinal beekeeping and Api-Tourism”
 13:00-13:15 Congress conclusions and Closing Ceremony with Awards Ceremony for the speakers, the best honey, the best pollen and bee bread, the best photos of beekeeping and apitherapy

Sunday afternoon, October 2-Nd.

Post-Congress First Api-Tour

14:00-21:00                    Bucuresti City Tour or visit to the Apitherapy Centres from Mereni-Contesti and  Stanesti-Racari, Dambovita county coordinated by Dr Stefan Stangaciu. The location of these centres is aprox. 60 km. from Rin Grand Hotel.


Monday, October 3-Rd.

09:00-18:00            Post-Congres Practical Workshops, in Berlin conference room, floor XIII, Rin Grand Hotel, Bucharest


Tuesday, October 4-Th.

Post-Congress Second Api-Tour

08:00 – 21:00                                     Trip to Bran (Dracula) Castle, visiting first the  Apimondia Foundation in Bucharest.

You can find now, in the webpage: a list with the authors/speakers that sent us their papers. If necessary, use Google Translate to understand better the text.