FIITEA Apimondia (Boulevard Ficusului no. 40) (50 meters from the congress venue, towards North)

Time: 9:00-14:00 h.

Practical workshops related to the preparation and administration of beehive products for health, vitality/sport and beauty

Here are some of the topics that will be presented, according to the participants’ requests:

Prevention and therapy of Allergies to beehive products
Apitoxin therapy by Apipuncture and related methods
Practical tips useful for obtaining quality apitherapic preparations and products
Aromatherapy with bee products
Aerosols with honey and propolis
Honey Detox Massage, uses and techniques
Useful devices in Beehive Air Therapy
Practical demonstrations at the participants’ request
Basic rules and principles in establishing treatment protocols in Apitherapy


70 Euro/person

35 Euro for companions

* Companion = 1st degree relative with the paying person (husband, wife, father, mother, child)

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