Photo Contest 2020

Bees and Health

Category 1: Honey bees (Apis mellifera, Apis cerana or Apis dorsata) on flowers / honey plants. A list of such plants, for guidance, can be found at:

Category 2: Apitherapy simple photos (e.g. use of propolis spray to treat a superficial wound)

Category 3: “Report” like photos, photo series, related to the treatment of a certain condition by Apitherapy (photos before, during and after treatment).

For categories 1 and 2, we ask each participant in this contest to send us a maximum of 3 photos.

For category 3, a maximum of 6 photos, taken in chronological order (and dated), are accepted.

Each photo must be sent in two copies:

  • first copy: in original, unsigned.
  • the second copy, also in original (with maximum resolution) with the year / date and the author’s name written in the lower right part of the photo (there are editing programs that allow you to write text over a photo).

The projection of the original (unsigned) photos and the collection of the votes from those present online, will be made in the virtual conference room of the congress, on Saturday, November 21, and the award will take place the next day, at the end of the congress.

For organizational reasons, we ask all participants in this contest to send us the photos no later than November 18 a.c. at:  +

The winning photos (with the authors’ signature on the photo) will be:

  • posted on the website of the Romanian Apitherapy Society (R.A.S.);
  • will be sent to the R.A.S. Email Group in Google Groups and
  • can be used in any situation where there is a need to promote beekeeping and apitherapy, in the country and abroad

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