Our speakers

Speakers and authors that will present their work during our Congress

We are working now on the complete list of speakers/authors and will post it here all details as soon as possible.

Dr Andres Castillo Montenegro (Ecuador), President of the International Federation of Apitherapy.

Eng. Jose Cabrera Cabrera (Ecuador), Secretary of the International Federation of Apitherapy.

Dr Stefan Stangaciu, President of the Romanian and German Apitherapy Societies. Secretary General of the International Federation of Apitherapy

Prof. Dr. Farm. Viorica ISTUDOR (UMF Bucharest), Vice-President of the Romanian Apitherapy Society.

Dr. Cristina AOSAN, Vice-President of the Romanian Apitherapy Society and Member in the Apitherapy Commission of Apimondia –

Natural treatment including apitherapy for a group of pregnant women with multiple sclerosis

Drd.Orodan Leucian Mihaela (Romania) – Api-phytotherapy against respiratory diseases in children and adults. Clinical cases.

Dr. Eng. Otilia BOBIS (USAMV Cluj-Napoca, Romania).


Ştefan STÂNGACIU, Liviu Al. MĂRGHITAŞ, Daniel DEZMIREAN, Victoriţa BONTA, Rodica MĂRGĂOAN and Otilia BOBIŞ (Romania) – General Quality Parameters for Bee Products Used in Apitherapy.


Andreas Thrasyvoulou (Laboratory of Apiculture-Sericulture, Aristotle University Thessaloniki, www.beelab.gr ), Tananaki Chysoula, Liolios Vasilis, Kanelis Dimitris, Dimou Maria, Goras Georgios Karazafiris Emmanouel – Standards and Regulations of Royal Jelly and Pollen.

Prof. Jozef Simuth (Slovakia) – The royal jelly proteins on the way from empiricism to scientific based application of honey bee products.

Sonata Trumbeckaite, Povilas Rimkus, Algirdas Baltuskevicius (Lithuania) – Apitherapy in Lithuania: History, Present and Perspectives.

Dr Rafael Felitti, dentist (Montevideo, Uruguay) –

Propolis in Dentistry. Uses and applications.

Dr Mayra Texeira, Uruguay

Violeta Pîrvu, MD (Romania) – Apiphytotherapy treatment against Depression and Anxiety: Clinical cases.

Dr. Samir (Jordan) – My Clinical Experience in Api-Phytotherapy In Jordan

Mahmud Jaber – Apitherapy In Jordan: Past Present and Future Perspectives.

Beate LENZ, Berlin, Germany, specialist in Api-Physiotherapy

Nelly Pfeiffer, best specialist in the world in Api-Cosmetics

Prof. Miao Xiaoqing, Fuzhou, China), President of the Chinese Apitherapy Association, specialist in

Shen-Feng method from Traditional Chinese Medicine

Dr Verica Milojkovic, Serbia – Propolis against chronic non-healing wounds. Clinical cases

Dr Dana POP (Children Emergency Hospital, Bucharest, Romania),
Apiphytotherapy against urinary infections in children.

Dr. Cristina PAVEL, Secretary of the Romanian Apitherapy Society, specialist in Api-Phytotherapy and Ayurveda.

The List with our speakers/authors is still open, so please contact us as urgent as possible if you have something to share with our international Apitherapy community.